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Klarälvdalen Kanot

We are justly proud of the growth we have seen in the last 10 years with guests from all over the world. Some guests have now been with us up to 6 times.
We can offer a wide range of tours on a variety of rivers in the area. Guests have the choice to take our canoe and transport package or they can opt for our Premier Service package, this includes canoe and camping equipment hire plus transport. Ideal if you plan to fly into Scandinavia and do not want the hassle of bring tents & sleeping bags etc.

Take a look at 2015 at Byns here!

As believers in Leave No Trace, we are committed to encouraging our guests to act responsibly when out on tour. All multi day guests are give information from Leave No Trace and about All Man’s Rights to help them understand how they can enjoy their tour whilst still leaving the Swedish Nature in the best condition for future guests to enjoy. We feel that Leave No Trace compliments Swedish’s All Man’s Rights extremely well.

We loan guests a specially prepared map and route information sheet for each of the tours giving essential information.

Canoe and Kayak Tours

Andre & Barbara, Germany:

''Thank you very much for this nice trip. We really enjoyed the wilderness, canoeing, fishing, BBQ, camping and relaxing.
The best feed back of all: we want to do it again!''

Season 2018
26/05 to 03/09.
Reception open: 
8.30 to 11.00 & 16.30 to 19.00 hrs.

01/07 to 14/08.
Reception open: 8.30 to 21.00 hrs 

Open for: Klarälvdalen Challenge.
Stuga:2night minimum for race.
01/09 to 03/09

Klarälven Tours

One of Sweden’s longest rivers, great for exploring by canoe or kayak. Normally flowing at around 2 kph, it’s a river that offers something for everyone. Ideal for first time paddlers.

For our very popular canoe day tours, we offer trips from 16 to 22km, starting upstream and returning to Byns. In our opinion, this is though one of the most beautiful parts of the river.

If you’re planning a day tour by kayak, you might like to make a longer day tour and start at Stöllet, a great trip of around 42kms back to Byns.

Many guests see wildlife on their tour, we have even had guests see a bear high on the hillside along the way.

Price example - Canoe day tour for 2 guests including transport only 550kr!

We then offer several multi-day tours options from 2 to 10 days. Why not paddle the classic tour of Sysslebäck to Byns? Around 94km, ideal for 4 to 6 days travel.

Price example - 4 day tour Branäs to Byns for 2 guests in standard canoe including transport only 1600kr!
Price example – 4 days tour Branäs to Byn large canoe, room for more equipment (or the dog) only 1700kr!

We have the ideal solution for many families who want to paddle together, why not opt for our Big Canadian package? The Big Canadian is a great Gatz canoe with 5 seats, very stable and easy for 2 adults to paddle and control. This means that parents with 2 or 3 small children can paddle in the same canoe and share the workload. You still have space for equipment too.

Included in the package is a Tipi tent big enough for the whole family to have the comfort and security of spending the nights together.

This also works for 3 adults wanting to paddle together and still have plenty of space for equipment.

Price example Big Canadian Family package 4 days Branäs to Byns including transport only 3000kr.

Klarälvdalen Grand Tour

This year, we are for the first time, offering guests the chance to paddle from Sysslebäck in the north down to Karlstad at the southern end of Klarälven, a distance of over 220km. The second half of the journey will involve making 7 land transports.
Explore this large section of Värmland by water, great for 7 to 10 day tours. There are several places to buy fresh food along the way, which means there is no need to carry too much with you.
Recommended for adults only.

Svartälven Tours

Svartälven has a very different feel than Klarälven, offering more variety of scenery and water. It combines rivers and lakes, sometimes linked by land transports, to make a very interesting journey.
The land transports are normally no problem, especially if you are sensible enough to travel light!
We provide canoe transport wheels to make life much easier.
We offer a unique service with Svartälven tours. You book your start date and how many days you want. We provide you with a loan route map and on the map are a series of numbered points. These are contact points in case you have any problems on the tour but they can also serve as pick up points. This way, you are not forced to reach a fixed end point, if you take a little longer than expected, maybe you found a good campsite and stayed an extra night, no problem, we still pick you up on the right day and time but at the new pick up point.  You just call us on your last morning and say which number you will have reached and we pick you up there. This simple system has worked well for the last few years. 4 to 7 day options.

Price example 2 guests Svartälven for 5 days including transport and wheels: 2875kr.

(Svartälven Nature Card 20 sek per adult each day)

Rottnan Tours

A smaller river system starting at the Norwegian border, which then heads back into Värmland. The first part of the journey is on a narrower section of river, which at high water flows quite quickly. There can be the odd tree or low hanging branch to avoid, all adds to fun of the tour! The river then widens out and slows down to a gentle pace. Plenty of chances to see beaver, you will certainly see plenty of signs of their activities along the way.
Good for 3 or 4 day gentle tours, approx 40km.

Price example 2 guests Rottnan 3 days including transport: 2200kr.

Advanced notice: We are working with Klarälvdalens Folkshög Skola and in summer 2011 sponsored two students to paddle and map out an extension to the Rottnan tour. This new tour will be a very good 7 days tour for experienced guests who want more of a wilderness feel. Available summer 2013!

NB: Please note, all tours on Svartälven and Rottnan require you to be transported to the start and back from the end point of your tour.


Guided tours

We will continue help guests get the most from their canoe experience in Sweden by working with guides who are highly experienced and very well qualified canoeists who will run tours in our area using our equipment information & support. 

Though most tours are selfled.

Arno Gatz and family on Klarälven

Our Equipment

All the equipment we hire is in excellent condition. Our basis principle is: Would we use it ourselves? Our canoes are from the well know German manufacturer Gatz. We had the great pleasure of organising 2 tours for Arno Gatz, founder of the company, and some of his family. Now in his mid seventies, Arno still retains his passion for paddling.

We have a selection of Gatz canoes and can fill the needs of solo paddlers right though to the family sized 5.9 metre long Big Canadian.
For our camping equipment, we selected Marmot & Helsport tents and sleeping bags, trangia cookers etc.

We pay particular attention to safety equipment and have 7 different sizes of swim vests to ensure a correct fit for all guests.

Included in our hire equipment, we have waterproof barrels, waterproof rucsacs and transport wheels.

Click here to contact us for more information on canoe and kayak rental.


End of tour facilities

Because guests on all our tours return to Byns camping, it’s worth remembering that toilets and showers & rubbish disposal are available at the end of your tour.
At the end of your tour, why not spend a night at Byns camping to relax, maybe do some laundry, before continuing your Swedish holiday. You can use your tent or have the extra comfort of one of our cabins. We also have warm & cold drinks plus ice cream in the reception.